четверг, 12 января 2012 г.


Well, hey guys. I haven't talk to you properly for like 4 month now. Im really sorry and everything just had no time at all, now i wanna come back to normal blogging and will make new post every week :) There is not much to tell you.  Today i visited great gallery where Edgar Degas sculptures were exhibited. I loved it, and would like to go again but because me and Nietta had only 20 mins of time and it was the last day when its in Cyprus, we skipped through and i left with a disgusting feeling. I wish i can come again.
Of course one of the most famous sculptures that i really liked ELEGANT, INNOCENT, SIMPLE. "Degas's only showing of sculpture during his life took place in 1881 when he exhibited The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer, only shown again in 1920; the rest of the sculptural works remained private until a posthumous exhibition in 1918. Degas scholars have agreed that the sculptures were not created as aids to painting, although the artist habitually explored ways of linking graphic art and oil painting, drawing and pastel, sculpture and photography. Degas assigned the same significance to sculpture as to drawing: Drawing is a way of thinking, modelling another" 

Nietta trying to be Degas ballerina :3 AND EVERYONE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!! NIETTAS SHOES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!Ofcourse we had our camera with as and took a lot of pictures :)I had a great day with Nietta :) OH, yes almost forgot i met with some interior  designer after and we talked about our new house and I am extremely excited.
Look of the day :
  • Pull & Bear shirt 
  • some top-shop rings 
  • black tights 
  • mark jacobs boots 
  • cartier watch 
  • alexander McQueen bag 
  • and new element my teal dip dyed hair :3

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