вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.


This month started with a huge amount of school work and i don't have much time for myself.However me Nietta and Anna had a great sunday eating strawberries and talking about inspiring mint color...COLOR of the month.
Some kind of preparations in my mint bathroom. We decided to have a bit of eye make up and very bright colorful lips. Nietta picked rich red color, Anna experimented with yellow body paint color I went into more gothic style and made my lips dark purple.
My dad brought me a crazy supply of brushes from Russia, so i had to test them.
Mint scull...Can it get more attractive then this?
My beautiful Nietta. Isn't she just stunning?
And again my mint hair.
Gorgeous Anna.She reminds me of SnowWhite here.Her Givency panteras make my eyes pop out.
Gothic? Pretty much.
I have this Death stare.
Forgot to tell you amazing news. Im going to Germany in April, will have so much amazing time plus will practice my German skills. MINT
My new wall paper looks pretty beautiful.

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