четверг, 15 марта 2012 г.

Let the rock begin!!!

Times flies bye very fast and i realized that this time wasn't so exciting and breathtaking. It was a hard working exam week, it made everyone nervous and paranoid which led to mood changes and light depressions. I haven't write much because of no internet in my new house. I didn't go out much and enjoyed staying in my new white walled room and read something classy. Free time i gave to art and different exhibitions. 
What made my depressed and sad mood change was invitation to join a photoshoot. It was a great pleasure to work with most crazy-funny-unique-talanted guy like George Rallis. We had a lot of fun and made like millions of photos. They all came out very fresh and with little hint of summer which everyone is looking forward.
Somehow we all had patients to change thousands of outfits and have a make up session. 
Stunning stunning Nietta.
My hair change it color to Teal.
Love you guys and now i will try to inform you about my thoughts, feelings,art works and news more occasionally.

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