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Where are the best bakeries in the world? YES RIGHT GERMANY.

My trip diary.
Day 1.
Unlike my classmates I didn't really look forward to the flight to Berlin because I started packing 2 hours before our departure and  had a bad feeling of something missing. My happy and satisfied mood was soon to be changed to an exhausted and nervous one.However,after seeing my girls I realized that my dream was about to come true just in a few hours. From an early age I was told about the wonderful country called Deutschland, as i spent 7 years of my life studying in a german speaking school.
The Airport was empty but we still found ourselves a football team from Poland who welcomed us with friendly and inviting smiles. On the plane aprils Vogue we all passed out. The flight proved relatively easy to go through because I slept throughout the entire journey. Berlin weather "Ist nicht so schön". Berlin is a beautiful city where I would love to live one day. We saw world Famous monuments and a mixture of old and modern architecture, incredible shops,street graffiti ,fashionable and friendly 
  people and an insane amount of gorgeous  german boys.So far so good Germany!!!

Left pieces of a Berlin wall.

We spend a few hours in our comfortable homeland and then decided to visit an exhibition. On our way we met crazily  dressed people which resulted as  tears in our eyes. The exhibition    didn't surprise us much because it presented ancient  greek monuments with which we  were  familiar as  citizens of a small sunny Cyprus. However we bought a massive amount of take away food and finally ended up in our hotel rooms eating delicious dunkin donuts, fresh salads, mozzarella wraps and traditional puddings. We don't even remember how we passed out.

Day 2.
What a beautiful morning. Lazy and sleepy we decided to attend  breakfast which looked wonderfully decadent. Freshly made croissants and bread acomodated with jams, german sausages,varieties of  fruits and hot coffee.
Our Plans for today included a visit to a concentration camp for which there is nothing much to say, just that we got to see the place where horrible, cruel things  happend to human beings. After educating ourselves on the subject of the impact on humans of the second world war we decided to visit a jewish synagogue in the center of berlin which was a mixture of breathtaking views and a religious spirit.
Everyone appeared to be tired so we made a little stop in one of the malls and tried a variation of unbelievably tasty cakes. The Amount of gorgeous guys passing by had reached its peak and we simply couldn't handle it anymore. We got some spaghetti with asparagus for take away and all gathered up in one of our hotel rooms having conversations of various natures.

Day 3. 
Waking up, breakfast, walking to train station, way to the city all of that became our everyday routine. 
We completed a very far distance to the Charlottenburg, it was worth it. The palace surprised us with stunning wallpapers, varieties of colors, vintage furniture, royal family portraits, silver and gold kitchen equipment. It took us hours and hours to explore the palace. When i was there i remembered my visit to St.Petersburg and i compared the  palace there and  the palace in Berlin, i felt proud of my big country, the  russian palaces look more rich and colorfull. After visiting 4 palaces we needed to have a rest. Small traditional restaurants perfectly suited our mood. It was finally time for traditional food. Flame cake, schnizel,chocolate and cream cakes were served and finished in 10 minutes. Walking in huge park made us tired and extremely happy. Full and satisfied we went to explore Potsdam place. Cafes, shops, cinemas everything was there. It became really cold and  started snowing!!! We stopped by little  japanese kiosk and tried apple bubble tea, rice and some noodles. The rest of the night we decided to spend in front of TV.

After an amazing lunch and visit of one more little palace we went for a walk to a royal park.

Day 4.
Breakfast, train, cold, sun, way to palace. On day 4 we decided to visit summer residence of royal family called SunSouci. Royal family had beautiful property a specially the garden with fountains.We decided to visit a small village close to the palace.There we found a   wonderful bakery with the most delicious cakes I ever had! !On our way home we bought fresh raspberries

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