понедельник, 26 марта 2012 г.

Relax,take it easy.

Lack of free time,fights with parents, crazy amount of pointless exams, depressions, insomnia. After going through this hard week and passing all my exams, I finally realized how close and tempting the summer is.
Now when I'm done with educational stuff, I have more free time for myself. I enjoy myself reading tons of  
interesting books, cooking delicious food with my mother with who I fixed my complicated relationship,drawing all night long, listening to my favorite music,sunbathing in my perfect garden, driving car with my dad and looking forward and planning my German trip which is happening in a week time. Can't wait to see all the museums and millions of shops.
When I have free time a dedicate most of it to art. I still work on Alexander McQueen dresses and I planning to open new blog just for my drawing and creations. I'm sure i will go crazy with all my blog but I hope i can keep up with it. All my art ideas are being supported by Maria Veronica with who we are planning a lot of projects in the future (http://veronandre.com/).I'm happy that art is part of my life now, because our art night became longer and i became closer with my artistic girls.
After boring french lesson i decided to take some pictures in old city.I love old city, best part of the city.

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